Cameoing Howard the Duck is Marvel at their very best, embracing all of their universe, goofy and otherwise. That short sub-spoiler is arguably the best way to show Howard, spotlighting the sheer goofiness that exists in the Marvelverse, rather than trying to pretending it doesn't exist.

But then, DC is doing the… » 9/19/14 5:41pm Friday 5:41pm

Yeah, that's superficial, shit writing there. Magneto never needed disguises or tricks. Morisson fucked up there, because he didn't understand the character.

Even going back to Secret Wars, Magneto has always been focused on a goal larger than himself - the safety and security of all mutantkind. » 9/19/14 5:34pm Friday 5:34pm

The problem is that it makes far too much power. 425 hp with 400+ ft-lb means we're moving into high end sports car territory, with more power than chassis. The balance is off because the car is over-engined.

For the same $85k, I can get a nicely-optioned 300-hp RWD 335i sedan and a nicely-optioned 200-hp Subaru BRZ.… » 9/18/14 1:58am Thursday 1:58am