Note that in Denmark, those higher wages are not "free" - they do translate into higher costs to the consumer. As one might expect, a Big Mac Combo in Denmark costs more than it does in the US.

Personally, I am far more mad about companies importing tech workers via H1-B to depress wages of Americans who actually went… » 10/29/14 12:01am Yesterday 12:01am

As the owner of a car, I would prefer to pay less out of my pocket to keep my car alive. I would also prefer my car spend more days on the road, than in the shop.

To that end, good design, executed well, aka "reliability", is important to me. If I select a car with features that tend toward reliability (e.g.… » 10/28/14 1:34am Tuesday 1:34am

I don't get Janay Rice complaining via Twitter.

If she was OK with the beating(s), to the point of willingly go through with process of marrying him, refusing to testify against him, and continuing to stay with him; then one reasonably concludes she no longer has the right to complain about the situation, or her… » 10/26/14 10:56pm Sunday 10:56pm

I'm not surprised here. Gawker, and especially Jezebel, *love* clickbait and trolly articles. There is a lot of inherent dishonesty in making so much clickbait, and then being outraged when real trolls appear to make life truly miserable.

I just hope it doesn't fuck things up for io9 or Jalopnik. » 10/23/14 1:28am 10/23/14 1:28am